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Home Sellers Doing It “By Owner” (FSBOs) Are At An All-Time Low… And For Good Reason

January 20, 2018 Posted by: Milagro Scardigno PLLC

According to the 2017 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, FSBOs remain at an all-time low of a paltry 8%… and for good reason. According to the report, FSBOs typically sell for significantly less than homes represented by an agent. Agent-assisted homes sold for a whopping […]

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10 Home Trends That’ll Be Hot In 2018 (And 2 That Are OUT)

December 29, 2017 Posted by: Milagro Scardigno PLLC

Whether your home is due for a decor update or you simply prefer to keep up with the latest interior design styles, experts have revealed the decorating trends that will dominate 2018. So, if you’re planning to put your place on the market and want it to appear like the […]

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How Selling Your House Is Like Making Lasagna

December 19, 2017 Posted by: Milagro Scardigno PLLC

How many layers are there in a lasagna? There’s no right or wrong answer to that. Other than, “more than one” probably. Even two is pretty skimpy. So, let’s say three is minimal for argument sake. (But, four or more is better.) The number of layers probably just boils down […]

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13 Zombie-Proof Homes For The Ridiculously Paranoid

November 15, 2017 Posted by: Milagro Scardigno PLLC

Ever hear of the term “preppers?” These are the people that take it upon themselves to prepare for any possible apocalypse scenario you can imagine. Some carry their trusty “Zombie Survival Guide,” everywhere they go. Some have coordinated escape plans in case of economic collapse. Some have stored up years […]

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Open House Alert!

November 1, 2017 Posted by: Milagro Scardigno PLLC

A LIFESTYLE ABOVE THE REST! Magnificent, stunning, and ALMOST NEW! Private residence behind the gates of the Longboat Key Club is like having your own oasis. This exquisite residence is timeless with high ceilings and the feel of living on a tropical island surrounded by a privacy walls of lush […]

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